İngilizce Drama

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English Drama

It is the revitalization of a goal or idea based on the life experiences of the members of a group, using techniques such as improvisation and role-playing (role-taking). These enactment processes are based on spontaneity, the principle of here and now, and pretending, and creative drama makes direct use of the general characteristics of play.


Benefits of English Drama

  • It contributes to the development of critical thinking skills. Thus, the individual is able to tends to be inquisitive without accepting everything presented as it is.
  • Helping to understand and concretize abstract and theoretical events or concepts becomes.
  • Gain the ability to speak correctly and effectively in public. By enabling the easy and fun parts of learning to be discovered, learning gamifies the process.
  • It enables children who discover their own strengths to grow up as self-confident individuals.
  • Expands the limits of imagination, thus increasing productivity.
  • Provides the development of a sense of empathy.
  • Due to the fact that it is a group work, it provides socialization and helps children develop a sense of teamwork. predisposition.
  • Gains effective expression with correct voice, diction, mimicry and body use.
  • Gains the ability to plan by teaching the correct and efficient use of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have introductory classes for English Drama?

Yes, there is an introductory lesson for our English Drama branch as in every branch. For information about our introductory lessons, you can call our hotline at +90 (552) 333 18 33 or contact us via WhatsApp.

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